Frank was born and raised in rural North Georgia where he learned to respect hard work, honesty, and fairness. His parents lived through the great depression, and learned hard lessons about what it takes for a nation to rebuild after such an economic fall. He remembers his father saying that great leaders like Franklin Roosevelt “have always stood up for working people.” As he reached voting age, Frank always looked at how a candidate stood on issues affecting working class families and how they backed it up. As your representative, Frank will represent all of the people of Tennessee House District 27, including those who work for a living and those who can’t find work. He thinks the primary focus of the General Assembly should be to make the economy work again for all Tennesseans.

Frank Eaton has been a resident of Hamilton County for almost two decades. Frank has volunteered for organizations that seek to involve families and neighborhoods in the democratic process. He is former President of the North Hixson Neighborhood Association and Chair of Chattanooga Neighborhood Association Coalition Codes Committee.  Frank believes that our elected representatives should answer directly to the people in their district, not lobbyists, large campaign contributors, or special interests. As your representative, Frank will always listen to you, and will always have your interests in mind when working on your behalf.

Growing up in the country, Frank developed an appreciation for our environment and natural resources at an early age. As a father and concerned citizen, he’s come to realize that public policy must seek to preserve the earth’s resources if we expect our children to enjoy the same bounty we inherited from our parents. As your representative, Frank will work to find ways to preserve our precious natural resources in Tennessee and support clean energy initiatives.

Frank Eaton is a real, down to earth person, looking out for real people in the 27th House District. He is asking for the privilege of serving you. When you vote on November 6th, vote for someone who’ll work for and answer to you! Vote for Frank Eaton!